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Elysian Abode



Motivated by their dream to embellish their home with warm colours, comfortable furniture, and a touch of modern sophistication, the family started scouring the city for people best suited for the job. As if it was fate, the family came across Aertsen Living, and as the family explored their past work and portfolio, things soon became clear - the collaboration was meant to be.

Mr. David Deepak

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Wooden Grandeur

My Home Krishe Gachibowli


Located in the lively & charming city of Gachibowli, this 3-BHK apartment is an enchanting wonder meticulously designed to reflect the homeowner’s style. Mr. Ravi, the homeowner, wanted interiors that could get rid of all the stresses of life at the end of a long day. Hence, the home is saturated with soothing wooden accents, warm beige walls and an abundance of light from both natural and artificial sources.

Mr. Ravi

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Exuberant Luxury



Spanning over a 2,000 sq. ft. apartment in Vijayawada, also home to the Kanaka Durga Temple, one of the most popular Hindu temples in India. Perhaps it’s the beauty in the craftsmanship of the temple's architecture that inspired the designers to deliver exceptionally detailed interiors of this modern minimalistic home.

Ms. Latha

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An Artsy Warm Retreat

My Home Tarkshya Kokapet


The confines of this home are enveloped in earthy tones, modern furniture and eclectic visuals. And as you traverse through the rooms of the home, the space has a way of calming you down, freeing you of all the stresses of life. As we voyage through this 1,500 sq. ft. home, a tranquil aura is guaranteed to take over your mind, heart and soul.

Mr. Vishnu Vardhan

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Layered Chic Dwelling

LB Nagar Hyderabad


Often picturing the perfect home for yourself may seem simple in your head, but putting the same on paper never is. Mrs. Padmaja and her family were lost in a similar conundrum. As a result, Aertsen Living came to their rescue, seamlessly transforming their ideas into reality.

Mrs. Padmaja

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Aureate Euphoria

Bandlaguda Jagir Hyderabad


Along the Musi River, in the sprawling local of Velly View Enclave, a 2 BHK home became the focus of Aertsen Living’s latest renovation efforts. The 750 sq. ft. apartment, teeming with neutral hues, golden accents and extravagant lighting, mirrors the modern nuclear lifestyle. Though compact, the home facilitates all the luxuries of life, along with a calming and serene décor.

Mr. Srikanth

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Arcadian Décor in an Ethereal Home

Honer Aquantis Hyderabad


While brainstorming with the family, they put forth their expectations for each and every aspect of the home, clearing the way for a contemporary design language to glamorise the home. So, our designers, 3D team and on-site supervisors got to work, meticulously planning every step of the way to avoid any hurdles that might present themselves in the course of the project. A short 45 days later, the home was ready for the family to move in.

Mrs. Zainab

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Idyllic Aura Of a Picturesque Home



Homes, as far as we can go back in time, have been influenced by the fashionable inclinations of each generation. And this has been a true and sturdy design ideology practised to this day, taking shape in the form of a contemporary design style. So, when Mrs. Shashikala came seeking a modern cosy haven, a contemporary design story was the obvious choice.

Mrs. Shashikala

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A Lavish Retro-Futuristic Dwelling

My Home Bhooja Hyderabad


Located in an upscale area of Hyderabad, the home in Gachibowli doubled in value with this renovation project besides giving the family a getaway home when homesickness takes over.

Mr. Shri Hari

My Home Bhooja

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Natural Perseverance

Aparna Cyberlife Hyderabad


It’s quite easy to celebrate the beauty of the home, while it’s difficult to read into the story the walls weave. Moreover, the colour and material palette come together to create a symphony of nature that gives birth to a home that emanates the essence of nature.

Mr. Harshavardhan

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A Sanctified Matrimony of Old & New

Kokapet Hyderabad


Just beyond the threshold of Hyderabad city, a stone’s throw away from Osman lake, the 2 BHK home cherishes the serendipitous views of the green landscapes around it. Spanning over a 1,700 sq. ft. area, the home is reminiscent of a classical décor along with modern accents, birthing something truly unique.

Mrs. Renu

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Sanctuary Lacking Boundaries or Constraints

CBM Compound Visakhapatnam


The family of four residing in this beautiful 3 BHK home is serendipitous to picturesque beaches, serene landscapes and the rich cultural past of Visakhapatnam, Andra Pradesh. Mr. Tulasi Ram wanted to capture the beauty and heritage of the city in their home without surrendering a reflection of their own.

Mr. Tulasi Ram

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Blossoming Beauty Of Modern Design

B&M legacy Vijayawada


Standing at the edge of inadequacy, the house came in bare bones. However, today it stands proud with an amalgamation of modern and contemporary designs. Think of the journey this apartment has been through, from concept to execution to delivery, on every stage of its beautification, the home remains constant but the way it made you feel changes each step of the way.

Mr. Venkateshwar Rao

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Lustrous Home in The Sky

Palm Springs Guntur


The entrance to the home opens up to the drawing room, which has white marble walls. However, the accent wall behind the seating area especially stands out, it boasts sections of marble cladding and lacquered glass with profile lights grooved into it. The room’s beauty is further amplified by a beautiful plush sofa set and an equally lovely floor lamp.

Mrs. Saranya

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Euphoric Walls

Dhivya Shree Shakthi Hyderabad


Located in the hustling and bustling local of Miyapur, the 3 BHK home in Dhivya Shree Shakthi (a gated community) is home to Mrs. Sailaja and her family. The spacious 2000 sq. ft. apartment seemed to have everything going for it but lacked the personal touch her family was looking for.

Mrs. Sailaja

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Modern Home Close To Nature

Praneeth Pranav Townsquare Bachupally


The home is a 1,700 sq. ft. apartment. Following an open floor plan and a modern design story, this home has one of the best designs anyone can hope for. You see, the difference between a great design and a good design is that a great one doesn’t have to be assertive; it attracts attention effortlessly.

Mr. Prathik

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Kitchens Descended From The Heavens

Masab Tank Hyderabad


While the first kitchen (500 sq.ft.) got an island layout, an L-shaped layout seemed like the perfect match for the second one (200 sq. ft.). However, both kitchens follow a similar colour and material palette. Decked up with modular furniture, the kitchen’s functionality stays in tandem with its looks.

Mr. Syed Naveed

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Breach The Boring!

Madhapur Hyderabad


The office has undergone a significant transformation when compared to how it appeared before the project. It has since been transformed into a space with vibrant colours, modular furniture, and a motivated workforce in place of plain and boring desks and monotone coloured walls.

Mr. Santosh

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Modern Life, Contemporary Living

Saanvi Pride, Alwal Hyderabad


The duplex villa located in Alwal, Hyderabad, is overflowing with textured walls, fluted panelling, wooden accents, and many other things you can imagine. This 3bhk home welcomes you with open arms and soothes you with muted colours; even the furniture helps you sink in and relax. However, the entrance wall steals the show with its round artistic panelling sitting over the textured wall that meets fluted panelling.

Mr. Nagaraju

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Luxury Wrapped With Gold

Kompally Hyderabad


It’s hard to put together words to express the grandiosity of this home. It’s even harder not to lose yourself in the design. The living room itself is as mesmerising as a room can get, and how could it not be? The first thing you encounter after stepping into this room is a spacious, plush sofa set, above which a beautiful golden art piece is hung on bewitching beaded walls. But that’s not all. The television unit sits on a white marble panel that enhances the overall aesthetics.

Mrs. Preethi

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Minimalistic Elegance

Sattva Magnus Hyderabad


Against popular opinion, elegance does not require extravagance to justify it. Just like nature carries both ferocity and a sense of serenity within itself, a minimalist design can leave you awestruck with its subtle style. This is how Mr. Lakshmanaacharya must have felt when he first stepped into his 3 BHK apartment after the designers at Aertsen cast their spell of beautification on the home in Sattva Magnus.

Mr. Lakshmanaacharya

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Rhythmic Simplicity in Contemporary Design

GEV Vijayawada


The beauty of simplicity has never been more profoundly expressed through design than in this 3 bhk home. Drawing inspiration from nature and adding minimalist contemporary elements to the mix gave birth to the interiors of this apartment in Vijayawada.

Mr. Srinivas

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Minimalist Sophistication

Prestige High Fields Hyderabad


Keeping up with the theme, the interior follows a blend of Scandinavian and rustic styles. Both design ideas come together perfectly to build the home Mr. Sandeep always dreamt of. The 3 BHK home follows a traditional floor plan and perfectly embodies the minimalist theme through its natural colour and material palette. Whilst the colour palette is dominated by muted greys, the design language is best manifested through the furniture.

Mr. Sandeep

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Bold & Beautiful



Relaxed and natural are the first words that come to mind as one steps into this massive 6,000-square-foot bungalow in the town of Narsaraopet. The next two perceptions could be considered to be in slight contradiction to each other: the home is as rustic as it is refined.

Mr. Ramdev

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Warm and Welcoming

GEV Radha Madhav Vijayawada


This two-story, 4,500-square-foot bungalow in Vijayawada is a full-throttle modern home with traditional touches. With a leap towards luxury, this home is styled, focusing on the family’s lifestyle.

Dr. Neelakanta

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Modern Living Meets Contemporary Design

Palm Springs Guntur


Keeping in accordance with the modern theme, the home takes liberties with natural material palette, simple clean lines, and simplistic furniture. Similarly, the walls follow neutral colours and textures that won’t jump out at you instantly but stand out when put together with the other aspects of the home. To put it simply, the home emanates elegance while bordering on austerity.

Ms. Madhavi

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Global Spotlight



A duplex villa that sprawls over 5,000 sq ft is home to three. The residence’s attention to detail, colour combinations, and material choices exude elegance. A sleek modern touch is the predominate style for this home. A muted cool grey tone on the walls runs across the entire home.

Ms. Lakshmi

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A Grandiose, Golden Home in The Sky

My home Bhooja Hyderabad


The journey began to build this luxurious 4 BHK home in My Home Bhooja, located in the heart of Hyderabad. The layout of the house follows a traditional floor plan, covering a 3,200 sq. ft. area on the 21st floor that literally looks like heaven in the sky. The client was looking for a palace vibe while being grounded in minimalism, so choosing a contemporary style with muted luxury seemed like the obvious choice.

Mr. LN Reddy

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Tailored Design For The Modern Home

Mid-valley city Guntur


The interior, which is dominated by geometrical shapes, open areas, and golden accents, reflects contemporary living and follows an open floor plan. panelling is different yet weaves a continuous story. Upon entering the home, you are greeted with a wooden partition separating the dining area from the foyer. The partition then wraps to the right, separating the dining area from the drawing area. However, this side of the partition is made of a MS steel frame with tinted glass.

Mr. Kishore

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All in Neutrals

SMR Casa Carino Kismatpur


This home opens to a free-flowing layout wherein formal and informal living room spaces are planned, along with a dining area and kitchen. The interesting materiality of this home is the emphasis on rustic, earthy tones.


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A Concert of Modern & Classical Designs

GEV Radha Madhav Vijayawada


Italian architecture has always mesmerised people from all over the globe. Be it the artistic beading on the walls or the fancy furniture, it never fails to astonish the onlookers. Perhaps that’s the reason Mr. Kartik settled on a neoclassical interior design. However, the designers threw a bit of modern style into the mix to liven up the place. The apartment in question is located in Vijayawada and follows a traditional floor plan.

Mr. Karthik

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Monochromatic Charm

Kukatpally Hyderabad


The home models subtle patterns and sleek geometric lines unabashedly but exceptionally, with colour bursts against neutral backgrounds. The designs are customised so as to echo the singularity and styles of the owners. The abode beams with fine modernism.

Mr. Arun

Lodha Belleza

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Essence Of Nature



This rustic yet modern abode measuring 2,700Sft is a 3-BHK home inspired from natural textures and color palettes. The concept is based on a modern style with a strain of contemporary touch. Wooden panels with gold inlay have been used to accentuate the backdrop for the living room. A green wall has been constructed around the vanity area to complement the wooden detail and shutters all around and give a lively atmosphere to the space.

Mr. Dinesh

Rajapushpa Eterna

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Sumptuous comfort



Located in Palm Springs, Guntur, this modern contemporary home caters to a family of four. With an area of 2,150 Sft. and 3bhk at our disposal this home is immersed in muted colors. With a white canvas as walls, the furniture and wooden elements stand out maintaining a neutral palette of browns all around. The apartment is enriched with daylight with an added liveliness of plants in every corner.


Palm springs

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The Extravagant Dwelling

Vijayawada Telangana


Located in Vijayawada, this 2,900 sq. ft apartment is home to a family of six. The home weaves a design story through its dramatic accents and an interesting colour palette that runs across the walls in each room. The design is reflected through different mediums, from a vast material palette, to modern furnishings and eye-catching artifacts.

Mr. Srinivas Rao

GEV Radha Madhav

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The Modern Haven



This 3-BHK home with a conservative area of 1,800Sft is home to a young couple. The spatial treatment of this apartment reflects the lifestyle the family aspired for. The vision for this home was to include a Japanese style crafted with a minimal yet bold design. The living area has been elevated to form a deck like space that divides the entryway and dining area. Abundant in sunlight and two accent walls, this area speaks wonders.

Ms. Swathi

My Home Mangala

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Play of Warm & Cool

Play of Warm & cool Hyderabad


With an area of 2,400sft, and a configuration of a 3-BHK at their disposal, this home overlooks the city from the 11th floor. Predominantly a modern design with hints of neoclassical elements makes it a design wonder. The home is aptly called “ A play of warm and cool” since the colors blend so well to complement each other. The highlight of this home would be its paneling. How each paneling is different yet weaves a continuous story.

Mr. Bala

EIPL Apila

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