Lustrous Home in The Sky

Whoever said money can’t buy happiness hasn’t seen this extravagant home in Palm Springs, Guntur.
Designed For
Mrs. Saranya
3-BHK apartment
45 Lakhs
Whoever said money can’t buy happiness hasn’t seen this extravagant home in Palm Springs, Guntur. Decorated with marble walls, plush sofas, accent walls, and a swanky ambience, the home seems nothing less than extraordinary. The apartment on the 18th floor doesn’t just look lavish; the home is equipped with the latest technology, representing the modern way of living. Furthermore, the 3 BHK home follows an open floor plan, benefiting from natural light, better ventilation, and promoting family bonding.

The entrance to the home opens up to the drawing room, which has white marble walls. However, the accent wall behind the seating area especially stands out. The accent wall boasts sections of marble cladding and lacquered glass with profile lights grooved into it. The room’s beauty is further amplified by a beautiful plush sofa set and an equally lovely floor lamp.

The drawing room then opens up to the living area, which also features a pooja room in it. Stepping into the living room, you will experience the complete force of luxury blended with elegance flowing through you. The walls are decorated with beadings, grey marble, mirrors, and a hint of gold throughout the room. Coming to the pooja room, as beautiful as the insides are, the outside of the room is decorated with fluted marble panelling.

Moving on to the dining area, one side features the crockery unit along with a wash basin and a mirror with motion-sensing light. On the opposite wall, the serving hatch gives you a peek into the kitchen, with the dining table sitting in the middle. Such an innovative design promotes communication and a feeling of harmony in the house.

Just beside the serving hatch, the doorway to the kitchen is located. The kitchen itself is completely modular with a galley layout, and a door at the end opening up to the utility room.

Finally, the only parts of the home unventured are the bedrooms, of which the home has three. However, the daughter’s bedroom has to be the best one out of the three. Even though the room is smaller than the others in the home, it never fails to mesmerise the onlooker. This might be because of the accent wall behind the bed or the integrated rope lighting that illuminates the accent wall. Either way, there’s no denying the beauty weaved on the walls and decor of the bedroom.

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