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The Modular Approach

To enhance the efficiency and flexibility, an automated process of design and manufacturing results in quality modular solutions built to perfection. Our reliable modular solutions help make life easy with minimal maintenance yet offering exotic finishes and aesthetics.

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State-of the Art Modular Technology


Our zero bubble system uses the newest hydraulic hot press technology, from Biesse, which makes sure the laminate is evenly pressed onto the substrate ,While maintaining high quality standards.


Panels are processed through the fully automated Selco SK3 with precision-cut technology resulting in zero error production.


Our aqua-lock automated precision edge banding technique ensures ultimate bonding strength resulting in zero moisture leak into the panel even when submerged in water for long hours.

Auto Drill

Be it a hinge or a sliding runner, our fully-automated Rover Gold will adapt to all precision drilling requirements, ensuring zero alignment issues post installation.

How it's made - Aertsen Modular Furniture

In-House R&D

To ensure top notch quality and precision, our panels undergo a series of particular processes that portray their strength and sturdiness.

Test 1

Test 2

Test 3

Test 4

Panel strength test

Procured from eco-friendly, sustainable suppliers, our plywood is tested for 72 hours submerged in boiling water in BIS Certified Laboratories for its "Glue Shear Strength" and "Adhesion of Plies" proving its water repellant capabilities and is also immune to termites and microbes.

Cabinet load test

Our "Ultra Build" cabinets are designed and manufactured using torsion resistant knock-down dowel-fittings supported by High-Strength Reinforced PVC Legs, to with-stand loads of 460 Kgs and higher.

Hinge cycle test

Designed and manufactured in Italy, our hinges are equipped with Twin Silicone-oil dampers with speed adjustable soft-close switch, housed in high strength steel cups ensuring 200,000+ Soft-Close Cycles and a lifetime reliability.

Drawer cycle test

Our drawer fittings come with Stepless Variable speed damping technology built on a synchronous suspension track that lasts for 100,000+ Soft-Close cycles with a load capacity of 45 KG and an anti rust coating ensuring tough build quality and a long lasting experience.

A Few Words From

Our Clients

I thoroughly enjoyed the designing and execution, definitely would give complete credit to Aertsen Design Team. Our ideas were very well gelled, the Senior Designer understood our requirements, we put together everything on a drawing board, and it has really come up well.

Mr. Prabhakar

Every output was delivered as I had dreamt it to be. Initially I was tensed, but as we went ahead, everything fell into place, giving us a serene, beautiful home.

Mr. Gopi

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