Essence Of Nature

Designed to uplift spaces with natural elements and textures.
Designed For
Mr. Dinesh
3-BHK apartment
30 lakhs
This rustic yet modern abode measuring 2,700Sft is a 3-BHK home inspired from natural textures and color palettes. The concept is based on a modern style with a strain of contemporary touch. Wooden panels with gold inlay have been used to accentuate the backdrop for the living room. A green wall has been constructed around the vanity area to complement the wooden detail and shutters all around and give a lively atmosphere to the space.

This east facing home, although abundant with sunlight, is designed to uplift spaces with luxury hanging lights and spot lights to catch your eye. The requirements, like any other Indian home, were for expansive storage spaces with no aesthetics compromised. Each texture and finish have been carefully selected to complement the family’s personality. From glossy-rich finishes for storage compartments, to matte, rugged walls to create highlights. Every nook and corner of this cozy home is well put together and visually connected by adding continuous textures and lively plants.

Bright, modern & beyond

With it’s dramatic and realistic moon-light, this space-themed bedroom brings new meaning to “a room with a view”. Complementary colors ,modern furnishings and a minimal vibe complete the space, giving a fun & creative space for the children’s bedroom.

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Meet The


Komal Agarwal


Chandrakanth Kummari

Project Executive

Bharkas Ganesh

3D visualizer