Minimalistic Elegance

Just like nature carries both ferocity and a sense of serenity within itself, a minimalist design can leave you awestruck with its subtle style.
Designed For
Mr. Lakshmanaacharya
3-BHK Apartment
20 Lakhs
Against popular opinion, elegance does not require extravagance to justify it. Just like nature carries both ferocity and a sense of serenity within itself, a minimalist design can leave you awestruck with its subtle style. This is how Mr. Lakshmanaacharya must have felt when he first stepped into his 3 BHK apartment after the designers at Aertsen cast their spell of beautification on the home in Sattva Magnus.

They say a home isn’t truly your own until the walls, the colours, and even the fixtures represent who you are. The same can not be said about this home, since it’s the perfect reflection of who the family living in it are. Impregnated with walls that have a monochromatic, calm colour palette, the interiors can calm even the harshest of storms within you.

However, as beautiful as the woods may seem, there’s peril lurking in the bushes. Similarly, the minimalist nature of this home hides awe-inspiring elements that go unnoticed at first glance. It’s for the ones with patience and curiosity that can unravel the true elegance lurking behind the furniture, fixtures, and curtains.

Stepping into the home, which seemed calm and collected, jumps right in your face, giving you a complete view of the home, but don’t be so naive. Without your knowledge, it holds back. Perhaps it’s just a glimpse into what’s to come. Surprisingly, things mellow down with each step you take, instilling a sense of calm.

To begin with, the living room features plush grey couches complementing the light peach-coloured walls, and to add a bit of mystery to the room, the designers added wooden accents. For instance, the wooden partition separates the living room and the dining area. Besides that, the fluted wooden panelling behind the TV unit makes the wall stand out.

Moving on to the dining area, it features an enigmatic dining table surrounded by doorways to all the bedrooms. The dining room then extends to the balcony.

Kindred Bedrooms

Though the bedrooms have similar designs, they all tell drastically different stories. Equipped with platform beds, modular wardrobes and receded lighting, the designers played around with colours and fixtures to distinguish every room from each other. While the two bedrooms in the home are pretty similar, the master bedroom is the most beautiful in the home.

To close things on a high note, the home is an exemplary example of a minimalistic theme. The designers behind this extraordinary home interior get all the credit for it coming out so great, and a similar sentiment is shared by the home-owners.

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