Monochromatic Charm

The home models subtle patterns and sleek geometric lines unabashedly but exceptionally, with colour bursts against neutral backgrounds.
Designed For
Mr. Arun
4-BHK apartment
33 lakhs
Located in the high towers of Lodha, this 3,000Sft. apartment is home to three. This project is one of those rare homes that truly embody the personality of the owners. Having lived in the west, the materials, the color scheme, the space organization, all are driven by what the user had earlier experienced. The design concept stated, subtle with little pops of color. A bluish grey was chosen, not too vibrant nor dull, to cover the entire home.

The home models subtle patterns and sleek geometric lines unabashedly, but exceptionally with color bursts against neutral backgrounds. The designs are customized such so as to echo the singularity and styles of the owners. The abode beams with fine modernism. The bedrooms are styled with accent colors against muted backgrounds and beautiful wooden floorings. Keeping it simple yet fulfilling all needs and functions.

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Chandrakanth Kummari

Project Executive

Dhanadeep Kottur

3D Visualizer