Arcadian Décor in an Ethereal Home

Housing both the family and their memories; the cold stormy nights, the bright sunny mornings and countless others, unsung to everyone else.
Designed For
Mrs. Zainab
3 BHK Apartment
30 lakhs
Standing tall in the newly launched Honer Aquantis (Housing Complex), this 3 BHK home is spread across a 1,550 sq. ft. area. Housing both the family and their memories; the cold stormy nights, the bright sunny mornings and countless others, unsung to everyone else. Mrs. Zainab, the matriarch of the family, was on the lookout for designers who can help them shape home interiors that can harbour all their memories with beautiful aesthetics.

While brainstorming with the family, they put forth their expectations for each and every aspect of the home, clearing the way for a contemporary design language to glamorise the home. So, our designers, 3D team and on-site supervisors got to work, meticulously planning every step of the way to avoid any hurdles that might present themselves in the course of the project. A short 45 days later, the home was ready for the family to move in.

Peering into the home, beaded white walls, a plush elegant sofa and an accent table sitting atop a traditional area rug establishes an inviting décor. Facing the seating area, the TV hovers on an accent wall featuring MDF panels with a wooden herringbone finish and gold-sprayed aluminium edge profiles. On either side of the panel, acrylic-finished panels followed by wooden rafters run down the wall.

Just beyond the drawing area, a luxurious black dining table is accompanied by a black counter top and surrounded by pastel purple chairs featuring gold-sprayed legs. Following the table, a crockery unit is perched before a wall ornate with bevelled mirror tiles with beading on the edges of the section. The crockery unit has two glass shutters with gold-sprayed aluminium edge profiles, three drawers in the middle and a white marble counter top featuring several décor elements.

Turning left, the living room presents uncanny similarities to the drawing area but switches up things enough to keep the room interesting. Though, the harmony in design is limited to the seating area because opposing it, the accent wall behind the TV is as extravagant as a wall can get. Decorated with white marble slabs over fluted wooden panelling, the TV unit consists of a floating console table and a vertical storage unit that has glass shutters wrapped in golden edge profiles.

Golden Bedchamber

A combination of modular furniture, soothing colours and artwork is used in the bedrooms to create a relaxing atmosphere. But among the three, the master bedroom is bound to catch your eye. Embodying soft airy colours, the room features a grandiose bed in front of a charming accent wall decorated with textured paint, fluted wooden panelling and a gold-sprayed art piece. Opposing the bed, the sliding wardrobe follows a similar theme along with golden edge profiles. Among other things, the room also has an armchair and dresser beside the wardrobe.

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Dhanadeep Kottur

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