Life Style | June 30, 2023

Aertsen Living and Electrolux Join Forces for Sustainable Living

The concept of sustainable living has gained traction in recent years as it paints a picture of a brighter tomorrow for human civilisation as a whole. And the severity of its adoption or, more importantly, its need for adoption can be seen through the efforts made by thousands of companies and governments across the globe.

Aertsen Living firmly believes that homes should encompass more than mere aesthetics and functionality. Hence, we joined forces with Sweden’s leading home appliance manufacturer Electrolux, known for their efforts surrounding sustainability and zero carbon footprint. Aertsen is also the first end-to-end home interior brand to work with and actively integrate its products into Indian homes.

Electrolux’s Commitment to Sustainability

Electrolux has been transforming and elevating the quality of making the planer a better place for all for the past 100 years.

As a result, they become Industry leaders in the household durables category in the acclaimed Dow Jones Sustainability Index.

Yet, their efforts towards sustainability cross new boundaries because of their latest “The Better Living” initiative.

The Better Sustainable Living Initiative

Sustainable Living with Aertsen living

Through this initiative, Electrolux aims to produce consumer appliances which help people maintain and spread the initiative further.

Electrolux designs products to reduce waste whether it is food, clothing or personal wellbeing.

And that’s not all, their other initiatives include: First, “The Better Solution” initiative to produce efficient and hyper-performing appliances that can help people save money, reduce electricity consumption and minimise environmental footprint.

Second, “The Better Company” initiative to become a safer, ethical, diverse and inclusive company where everyone can be sure that their rights are respected.

More Than Sustainable Products

Their efforts towards sustainability go far beyond their products. It’s effectively embedded into their operations.

And the results showcase that perfectly – they reduced their CO2 emissions by 75% since 2005; their products consume 44% less energy compared to 2005; 90% of their employees reported a complete understanding of the company’s code of conduct.

They went on to predict the achievement of a 50% share of renewable energy for their energy consumption; zero waste to landfill; and a further 5% reduction in CO2 emissions.

Energy Efficiency: Reducing Carbon Footprints for Sustainable Living

Sustainable Living

Electrolux reduced its overall carbon footprint through a reduction in energy consumption in the manufacturing process and finished products.

This became possible because of their expertise and an unrelenting vision to deliver the best possible products to their customers.

Furthermore, Electrolux designs each and every appliance and puts it through product cycle planning. So it can meet energy labelling regulations

Electrolux also spent over three million dollars on R&D, with one-third of that amount spent on sustainability-related product development. In 2019, they launched UltraCare technology for their washing machine which allowed it to wash clothes at lower temperatures, resulting in lower energy consumption.

Results Of Their Continued Efforts

Their efforts, as expected bore fruit, they improved energy efficiency per product by 2.7% in comparison to the previous year; 45% of the total energy used comes from renewable energy sources; 65% CO2 emissions reduction compared to 2015; global waste reduction by 20%.

They are also part of the United for Efficiency which aims to contribute to a 10% decrease in global electricity consumption. While their list of achievements in energy efficiency is long and extensive, it’s quite clear they have come a long way.

Sustainable Materials and Manufacturing

Sustainable Living with the help of Electrolux

Electrolux continues to innovate and redefine its manufacturing process to minimise, if not eliminate any negative impact on the planet.

While they have taken multiple measures to mitigate any and all harmful impacts from the manufacturing process. Their use of eco-friendly materials is the prevailing factor in their efforts to go sustainable.

Between the period of 2015-2020, they replaced virgin materials with recycled materials for their products. And aim to form strategic partnerships with their suppliers to accelerate the process.

They have also increased the volume of recycled plastic to 20,000 metric tons annually. This includes the amount of scrap metal used in the production.

A Look Into The Future

There is no denying the fact that Electrolux has done an exceptional job of creating a sustainable framework. As they produced top-of-the-line products. The products are beneficial for both their customers and mother nature.

We at Aertsen feel proud of delivering the very best results when it comes to Home Interiors

Hence, we are excited and elated to partner with Electrolux to build better home interiors and an even better tomorrow.

The spectacle of the length Electrolux has gone to make its production process as sustainable as possible for better living.

A few words from Mr Peter Drucker come to mind – “The best way to predict the future is to create it.”