Design | October 11, 2022

10 Home Renovation Mistakes You Should Avoid

10 Home Renovation Mistakes

Let’s face it, renovating a house is no child’s play, especially if you are doing it on your own. Even seasoned designers take months to properly complete a home. While at first the process might look simple enough, executing it to perfection can be harder than defeating the great khali in hand to hand combat. However, Aertsen is here to help you figure things out; just follow this guide and avoid making these mistakes while carrying out home renovations.

1. Not Hiring A Pro For Home Renovation

It’s fun being clueless and still renovating your home on your own, but it stops being fun when the interiors start to fall apart because of mistakes that could have been avoided by consulting a pro. Home interior design is one of the booming sectors across the globe, and the number of talented designers has quadrupled over the years, so there’s no excuse for not consulting one.

2. House Renovation On A Budget

If someone told you it doesn’t take a lot of money to renovate a home on your own, then my friend, that person is lying to you. It’s especially expensive when you try to DIY your way out of redecorating. Interior design companies have tie-ups and deals with contractors, so they can source a lot of stuff at a cheaper price than you. Which means you might start renovating on a budget, but will end up spending a fortune.

3. Opting For Cheap Materials

If there was an award for the number one mistake that almost every home-owner makes, it would be cheaping out on the quality of materials. As simple as this mistake seems, it can have drastically disastrous results. So, rather than spending money on stuff that is not essential, acquire some high-quality materials.

4. Choosing The Wrong Contractor For Your Home Renovation

Contractors often over-quote the prices for the materials, but if you aren’t careful, the wrong contractor will drain your bank account while delivering low-quality raw materials. And that’s not all! Home renovation time may stretch unbelievably if your contractors don’t deliver materials on time. So, it’s vital you explore your options while selecting a contractor.

5. Starting Renovations Too Soon

If you are renovating a new home, don’t rush into things. Spend some time in the space; it will help you figure out what goes where. You can call it intuition or something else. If you take this simple step, everything will start falling into place right in front of your eyes. Half the work is done once you figure out what goes where. Everything else will start to seem like stealing candy from a baby.

6. No Proper Planning

When planning your home layout, planning is perhaps the most vital aspect of the process. A poor plan can take you down a rabbit hole you will never come out of. For instance, how the furniture is going to be set up or the ventilation in each room. Furthermore, the design you choose can determine how your plans will play out in the future, so it’s recommended that you go for a timeless classic design, rather than something trendy.

7. Hoping Everything Goes According To Plan

If you think planning is enough and everything will go according to plan, you are mistaken. Home renovation is one of the most chaotic industries in the world. Even professionals in the industry fail to deliver projects on time. You should always be prepared for setbacks or untimely delivery of various raw materials. This can be avoided to a certain extent via proper planning and reliable contractors, but things can still go wrong.

8. Improper Lighting

Interior designers go through years of training and do this sort of work on a daily basis, so they know how to execute such tasks. However, when you try to do it on your own, mistakes are bound to happen, especially with the lighting. Lighting plays a key role in creating a positive environment in your home, and if done incorrectly, it may create various dark areas inside your home.

9. Too Many Changes to The Design or Layout

Once the design and layout are decided, making even the smallest changes to the design may have severe repercussions. Changes to the design might appear straightforward to you, but they require a lot of work to implement in the backend, which not only prolongs the process but also adds to the cost.

10. Doing it All at Once

Regardless of how efficient you are at multitasking, working on several rooms at once will always create confusion that will lead you to make mistakes. Moreover, the living room is where you spend the majority of your time and deserves the largest portion of your investment, so keep that in mind while working on other rooms as well.

Chances are you will make one of the above mentioned mistakes while renovating your home, so the best advice would be to get in touch with the design expert at Aertsen. They offer free consultation, and if you decide to hire them, they deliver every project within 45 days.