Design | October 19, 2022

10 Divine Pooja Room Design Ideas For Your Home

Growing up in an Indian household, your home must have had a pooja room or area that always held a special place in your heart and your home. Have you ever wondered why Indians are privy to having a pooja room in their homes? Hint: it’s not all about devotion. Having a pooja room in your home can positively affect your daily life and uplift your mood. So, people try to decorate and design the area to the best of their ability. But let’s face it, not everyone among us is a trained designer, so to make your life a lot easier, here are the best pooja room design ideas for inspiration.

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1. Elegant Small Pooja Room Design

Divine Pooja Room Design Ideas

The first pooja room design idea is the direct result of modern design meeting devotion. The dark marble walls, the textured MDF panelling, and the hanging lights all seem perfect in their place and complement each other. The overall aesthetic creates a luxurious and elegant ambience in the room.

2. Pooja Room Design Of Today

Divine Pooja Room Design Ideas

Technically not a pooja room, but the thing with such a design is that God doesn’t need rows of flowers or incense sticks. Here, the presence of God in the home is enough to spread positivity. It’s the kind of design not a lot of people like to go for, but it takes a new approach to a pooja room, hence we decided to add it to the list.

3. Inspired Wooden Pooja Room Design

Divine Pooja Room Design Ideas

This pooja unit sits in the middle of the living room, enclosed inside a traditional wardrobe-like fixture. The entire unit is made of wood, while the front of the unit features frosted glass with patterns and foldable doors. Inside the unit, the idols sit atop cabinets with black marble countertop. Such designs are an excellent idea for small pooja room designs in apartments.

4. Simple Yet Sophisticated Pooja Room Design

Wood seems to be the number one choice for designers to build these beautiful pooja units, similar to the previous one. However, unlike the previous one, this pooja unit is much more open and the backlight behind it makes it look even more beautiful. Separated by a wooden partition, the pooja unit weaves a story of its own.

5. Artsy Pooja Room Design

Divine Pooja Room Design Ideas

The designers for this enigmatic pooja room design went all out with creativity. Every aspect of this room is extravagant while remaining grounded. The wooden panelling on the side especially invites you inside the room. Then there is the artistic wallpaper on the walls. The room is finished with pendant lights and a white marble backdrop behind the idol. This design came directly from Aertsen, so if you want to get the pros involved, check them out.

6. Centre Of Attention Pooja Room Design

Divine Pooja Room Design Ideas

This design in itself is very alluring and makes the idol the centre of attention. It’s done through the wooden wall panelling and smart use of lighting. The multiple platform setup and white backdrop further add to the same idea. The overall design exudes a feeling of serenity.

7. Minimalistic Pooja Room Design

This design has a way of looking extremely elegant while being minimalist. The white marble backdrop, the ornate decorations, and the bright colour palette; everything comes together to create a beautiful story. While the room is spacious, the use of lighting and wall art fills the room, which also adds to the minimalistic theme.

8. Contemporary Pooja Room Design

Divine Pooja Room Design Ideas

Unlike others on the list, this design involves an entire room that is quite spacious. The room is designed with a focus on the idols sitting in the middle, be it the accent wall behind the console table or the lighting in the room. This design may not fit into every home, but if you have the space, go for it.

9. Pooja Room Design Worth A King’s Ransom

The next design on this list is one of the most unique pooja room designs you will come across. The exposed concrete, the artsy patterns on the wall, and the golden texts come together to create such a beautiful aesthetic. Even the console table adds to the theme because of the stair-like design that makes it seem like a throne room.

10. Vibrant Pooja Room Design

Divine Pooja Room Design Ideas

The final entry on this list is a colourful and vibrant pooja room design. Besides, it also uplifts the overall interior design of the home and, as a result, it becomes the main focal point of the home. The accent wall behind the pooja unit especially brings the aesthetics together.

Chances are you will come across a lot of pooja room designs, but you need to consider the space you have and the overall design of the rest of the home. And in case you need some assistance with the design, don’t shy away from reaching out to Aertsen.