Design | March 4, 2023

The Best Console Table Design Ideas and How to Decorate Them

Traditionally, console tables have been defined as furniture that typically has a long and narrow shape with four legs and a flat surface on top. Simply put, it’s a table – just like any other table but a little fancier as are the hypothetical rules of console tables. But when have we ever stuck to rules, regulations or social norms; breaking all the design barriers this blog will take you through the best console table design ideas, encompassing a variety of materials, styles and sizes. Thus, if you were on the lookout for some unique console table designs for your home, put your reading glasses on and saunter through this blog. That’s not all, we are not going to stop with just the table, we will also assist you in decorating the beautiful console table with equally beautiful décor elements.

1. Golden Elegance

Best Console Table Design Ideas

Rounded edges are all the hype today, and this console table takes complete advantage of that. The console table comes equipped with ample storage space, making it highly practical and functional as well. Though you can modify the colour palette according to your home’s décor, retaining the console table design in its entirety can prove to be an elegant addition to the entryway of your home, while enamouring all your guests.

Decorating this console table, which many would describe as a piece of art can be difficult and would need equally sleek and graceful décor pieces. Sticking to a minimalistic/ boho/ contemporary style of decorative items is a safe bet. Take for example the table lamp featured in the image as a template for other décor elements. And in case you settle on modifying the colour of the table, make sure the colours of the decorative pieces don’t clash with each other.

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2. Neo-Classical Console Table with Drawers

Best Console Table Design Ideas

Since the previous idea was pretty modern and suave, it’s only fair we give you a more classical console table idea with the second one. Putting aside simple lines, the console table features a contrasting colour palette, along with exceptional craftsmanship. Though this console table features a single drawer, you can incorporate at least two without messing it up. The design can be impossible to integrate into other design stories, however, if you have pre-existing neo-classical home interiors, this one will enhance your foyer for sure.

To decorate this console table you can use some mid-century décor items such as porcelain flower bases, vintage lamps and other objects of similar nature, you get the idea? Some industrial elements can also elevate the aesthetics of the console table, and to really drive home the design make it the focal point of the space by adding some spotlighting over it.

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3. Hand-Crafted Wood Console Table

Here is a console table, you won’t find in Ikea! Neither would you find such furniture in other popular furniture stores, other than some exhibitions. The unit is carved from a huge chunk of wood and painstakingly shaped into what you see in the image. The design permeates a serene and calming vibe throughout the space, while the wood grain on the finish highlights its proximity to nature. Though the unit does not feature any storage space, the unique design itself makes it well worth the purchase.

Attempts to decorate this unit is easier than you think since the design itself will always overwhelm the décor and attempts of introducing anything special will be unsullying its beauty. So, to be safe stick to serene and simple décor items such as the Buddha statue in the image or candles and metal artefacts.

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4. Modern Eclectic Console Table

Best Console Table Design Ideas

More often than not, a touch of elegance is all you need to beautify the foyer and astonish everyone who enters the home. It’s surrounded by a gold-sprayed aluminium profile that extended and acts as legs and back support for the console table. While the cabinet doors up front are finished with triangle cut-outs of laminates to give it an enigmatic look. The entire piece instantly adds depth and gives the space character; this will be guaranteed to become the centre of conversations among your guests.

Moreover, the modern design style makes it quite easy to decorate compared to other console tables on this list. Look out for some sleek and extravagant décor items, which are both easily available and cost-effective, unless you opt for some options from designer brands. If you have the budget, go for it!

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5. Bohemian Mirrored Console Table

Best Console Table Design Ideas

There is nothing better than wood for establishing an airy and clean aesthetic in any space, and that’s exactly what this console table design takes advantage of. Made entirely out of wood and wicker accented cabinet doors, the unit consists of a monotonic colour palette. In a neutral-drenched space, the console table blends in easily, but the same cannot be said for other design stories. So, consider this console table design only if you have an interior design that compliments it.

For the decorating side of things, no one could have done a better job decorating this space than the designer of this home, the giant round mirror especially stands out because of its size. Additionally, Pampas grass vases, tiny cactus plants, a wicker basket and an Ottoman is used to complement the overall décor of the space.

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Console tables are great at giving a space character while drawing your gaze towards it, and there are literally limitless design options available out there to do the same. This makes it even more crucial for you to choose the right one for your home, which complements the space and meets your requirement. So, we suggest not rushing into things and carefully selecting the one best suited for you and consulting experts for smooth execution.