Design | April 15, 2023

Glam Up Your Bathroom With Vanity Unit Design Ideas

The vanity unit of your bathroom is likely one of the first aspects of your home, you seek to access every morning and the last every night. So, glamping it up a little to turn your mornings a little brighter and your nights a little more soothing makes sense. Traditionally, vanity units consisted of a mirror, a sink and maybe some storage space but modern vanity units are much more functional. You can step up its functionality and aesthetic appeal even further by customising the unit to meet your specific requirements. To help you do the same, we have put together a list of the best vanity unit design ideas for your inspiration.

1. Tiny Vanity Unit

 Vanity Unit Design Ideas

The first design comes straight out of the vaults of Ceramica Cielo. Designed by Andrea Parisio and Giuseppe Pezzano, the unit is no less than a piece of art. If space is something you don’t have a lot to spare, then this just might be the best option for you, as its compact nature is seemingly also its best quality. The oval-shaped unit is the 2019 winner of the Archiproducts Design Awards because of its stylistic innovation that enhances practicality.

Coming to the features of the unit, the wash basin is 18cm in depth with towel rails beside it and asymmetric opening doors for the container below. The entire thing is held together with a black metal profile, also attached to the wall at the back. And as for the mirror, it takes on the familiar oval shape, retaining harmony in design. The compact yet elegant unit is available in multiple colours and with different finishes, perfect for a small to medium-sized bathroom. Learn more about this product at archiproducts.

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2. Serene Floating Vanity Unit

 Vanity Unit Design Ideas

For a lot of people, the bathroom is more than just a place for their morning ablutions. For them, it also represents a space to relax and unwind, in other words, a spa-like atmosphere. And this particular vanity unit design seamlessly delivers such décor through its material and colour palette. The design is reminiscent of the Japandi design language with minimalistic aesthetics and décor elements.

The unit features a wide wooden floating storage unit with three spacious drawers in a handleless design. On either side of the floating storage unit, the black metal towel bars improve accessibility and functionality by ten folds. Maintaining the clean and serene aesthetic, the countertop of the wooden unit features two white porcelain bowls sitting atop. Moreover, the metal faucets are attached directly to the wall, over the bowls and under the large circular mirrors.

3. Elegant Vanity Unit

The aesthetic appeal of this vanity unit has us convinced that the main goal of this design is to exude elegance and style. Inspired by geometrical shapes, the unit features straight lines, sharp angles and awe-inspiring shapes. The floating storage counter houses three spacious cabinets with push-to-open doors. Though the body of the unit is given a matte finish, the counter has a frosted glass countertop.

The unit is equipped with two white porcelain bowls along with gold-sprayed faucets attached to the countertop. Accompanying the unit, two square mirrors with rounded edges are fixed to the wall. These mirrors are also equipped with backlights, enhancing their aesthetical appeal.

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4. Neo-Classical Vanity Unit

 Vanity Unit Design Ideas

This vanity unit design is all about a palace-like décor while retaining modern functionality. Equipped with two spacious cabinets with shutters featuring the traditional raised panel shutters, generally found in traditional interior design. The entire cabinet resonates with an overall theme set in the bathroom, one of those is the gold accents sprinkled throughout the bathroom.

The shutter especially stands out because of the gold accent on the dark blue shutters, but the accents aren’t limited to just the handles. The faucets on the counter are also bestowed with the said gold accents on a beige marble countertop. The porcelain bowls are integrated into the counter itself, comparable to traditional design language. Complimenting the unit, two mirrors with brushed gold aluminium profiles are fixed to the wall along with wall scones.

5. Industrial Vanity Unit

Even though the vanity unit design leans heavily on its colour palette, it wouldn’t be too far-fetched to say – the design would not lose much of its aesthetic appeal with a different colour palette. Featuring a giant semi-oval mirror, the unit is in every way the star of the bathroom. Extravagant in the best way possible, the semi-oval mirror transforms into the counter as the other half of the oval.

The counter consists of a single large drawer that can be pulled out using the two handles, seemingly camouflaged with the engraved pattern on the wooden drawer. The counter also features a black marble countertop and a blacker wash bowl atop. Complimenting the counter, a metal towel rack is attached to the floor next to it, which makes accessing the towels much easier. Finally, illuminating the area, a beautiful and unique pendant light hangs from the ceiling, simultaneously enhancing the aesthetic.

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Getting the best vanity unit for your bathroom might not be at the top of your priority list, but it does help improve the functionality and aesthetics of the bathroom. So, if any of these vanity unit design ideas caught your eye, feel free to draw inspiration from them.