Décor | March 29, 2023

5 Bedroom Wall Colour Combinations For a Dreamy Décor

While having just a bed is enough for some people to fall into REM sleep every night, others need the appropriate atmosphere to get the same. And the bedroom wall colours are one of the essential aspects of creating an atmosphere to achieve deep sleep. It will help you get rid of stress in the best way possible. But designing such bedrooms requires a deep understanding of colour psychology and a clear idea of the mood you want to set in the bedroom. On one hand, most people typically know what they want for their bedroom. But on the other, putting everything together and visualising the final product can be a daunting task. Lucky for you, we have come up with a variety of wall colour combinations for your bedroom you will cherish.

Bedroom Colour Combinations You Should Steal Right Away

Though the paint on your walls is the primary and dominant source of colour in a room, it should never be the only source either. To establish a cohesive décor, integrating the same or complimenting colours in other elements of the bedroom can not be overlooked. Thus, we have also gone into detail about the various décor elements in the bedroom colour combinations.

1. Endless Skies

Bedroom Wall Colour Combinations

Minimalism is all the craze these days and our first bedroom wall colour combination facilitates this design style flawlessly. The room showered in blue from the heavens on a neutral white base permeates a sense of serenity and calm in the bedroom. The designer in this case has carefully chosen the amount and the shade of the colours, so as not to overwhelm the space with either one. While the ceiling, floor and certain walls are bestowed with white, the imposing presence of blue balances the décor.

Other décor elements are also well-curated to match the theme set by the colour palette, whether it’s the headboard with a lighter shade of blue or the mustard throw cloth and ottoman. Even though the bedroom is quite simple in every way possible, the colours used in the room, including the décor elements create interest without deviating from the theme.

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2. Popping Neutrals

Bedroom Wall Colour Combinations

A common misconception about neutral colours is they do not create an enthusiastic and energetic décor. It might be true in most cases, but it’s not in this one. An ingenious use of black to highlight the white walls makes each section of this room pop. This is further complimented by beige and wallpaper in the bottom section of the walls. However, what sets this bedroom apart from the rest is the seamless introduction of dark red and blue.

These colours could have easily looked out of place but the black lines on the wall single-handedly bring all the colours together. So, what could have been an incoherent décor – somehow perfectly describes a modern bedroom. And a huge reason for that is the various décor elements, including the pendant lighting, wall art, pillowcases, bed covers and furniture. Even though, paint isn’t used on the floor, the wooden flooring adds so much meaning to the overall décor of the bedroom.

3. Ruby Red Walls

Bedroom Wall Colour Combinations

There are barely any colours that can be as imposing as red; a sign of ambition and willpower the colour can easily overwhelm any space. However, accompanied by white, the walls weave a story of their own. While red creates drama, white holds it back – balancing the décor along with retaining the intensity of red and the calmness of white.

The wall colour combination isn’t really for everyone but if you like this combination, balance the two colours appropriately to avoid making the room feel smaller.

The intensity of the colour palette also has an immense influence on the decor elements of the room. The white rug, the velvet red bed frame and the dark trims of the furniture, everything creates a cascading sense of warmth and cosiness in the room. The influence goes as far as to impact the textiles on the bed and the wooden flooring.

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4. Warm Summer Kiss

An airy décor established through a choice of warm colours of beige and mustard encompasses the entirety of this bedroom. Also facilitated by a minimalist design, the room lacks any extravagance to create a calming and cosy atmosphere. The room evokes a sense of joy and can be freeing, after a long and stressful day.

Along with the paint colours, the room also features hues of brown and green through the wooden floor, textiles on the bed and other décor elements in the room. The beauty of this paint combination is that it can be seen as a blank canvas, you can add hints of white décor elements while retaining the serenity of the colour combination.

5. Deep Blue Sea

Textured paint has long been used to add interest to a space, it gives the walls depth, sensory stimulation and a focal point to the space. Such is the case for this paint colour combination used in this bedroom, a concert of navy blue and grey gives birth to a cosy warm décor. Moreover, the French classical design elements intensify the aesthetics which is a great complimentary design style for the colour palette.

The colours also seep into the bed, with a blue bed sheet and also the floor with blue tiles. Additional colours that show up in the room just add to the aesthetics established by the paint combination, including a red rug brown bed frame and black window profiles. To add the final touches, a hand full of paintings with white frames introduces diversity breaking the continuity of dark hues.

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Choosing a paint combination for your bedroom can be a deeply personal endeavour and depends highly upon an individual’s tastes. So, hopefully, these paint combination ideas helped you settle on one that best meets your requirements. Happy Designing!