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Md. Taqiudeen - Independent House

The story of our collaboration with our client embarked on a mission to recreate a contemporary kitchen with intricate details and luxe modern interiors. The new 160 sq ft kitchen represents a sophisticated custom design with clean lines, and sleek fixtures. All this, within a budget of 7.5 L and a skilled clarinet of designers.

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The primary focus of the project brief was to create a new suave kitchen that the family could utilize. One that correlated with the client's need for simplicity, functionality, and elegance.

Our designers strived to meet five objectives to create a contemporary kitchen that:

  1. Enhances the elegant vibe.
  2. Is efficient, and easy to use.
  3. A space that is streamlined.
  4. Cabinets that seemingly disappear.
  5. Promote functionalism.


Our team took the lead from the client post broad consultation. We outlined a plan from the development stage, design strategy, up until the rollout.

We ensured to provide our quantitative, and qualitative ideas to match Mr. Taqiudeen’s expectations.

The process was made easier with the help of all-embracing positive conversations with the client.

That, in turn, shaped our objectives and created the path for a successful final result.

Design Narrative

Our designers, with amicable problem-solving ability, ensured to cater to the client’s needs in every possible domain. Here’s a brief run-down of materials used in curating the perfect kitchen.

  1. The kitchen has subtle pastel hues with a calming demeanour.
  2. A dishwasher, sourced from Hafele was incorporated to optimize space.
  3. Kitchen hobs was perfected keeping Indian cooking ethos in mind.
  4. Task lighting underneath the wall units was installed to elevate the look and feel of the kitchen.

Wide Arena

The shutters are from Rehau, a German group. In place of glass, 2mm acrylic is used as they offer better durability with an enhanced look.



Strong Foundation

We used Rehau legs which can be adjusted for convenience.



Custom Countertop

Our client chose a Corian Quartz countertop that has high silicon, making it extremely durable, and efficient.


Muted Pull-Out Shelves 

The base units from Hettich were integrated with a silent system and is a perfect solution for utilising maximum space in the corner cabinet.


Practical, and Unique Storage

The Hettich tall unit with a cargoman mechanism was installed to accommodate maximum provisions. 



The Big Reveal

The final design was a stunner, with smart multi-functional furniture, and elegant neutral accents that the client desired. Aertsen team rejoiced at every stage from the conceptual design, to the actual fully designed interiors.

Project Team



My design journey at Aertsen started with this project. It was an extraordinary experience to cherish. Aligning the designs with the client's wishes was pretty exciting. I'm elated that Mr. Taqiudeen and his family are pleased with the outcome.


Project Manager

Well, execution is an art and i have mastered it on a minute level with this project. By understanding the time, client limitations and achieving the project in a given time without compromising on any parameter.


Design Manager

With such a robust team, handling the entire design process was immensely effortless. A lot of precision, and dedication was put forth to give our client his dream kitchen.

Client Speaks

Aertsen really delved into finding what we wanted in our dream kitchen, and created a space that perfectly matched my expectations.

-- Md. Taqiudeen


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