10 Modern Kitchen Design Trends to Quadruple Your Kitchen’s Functionality

Modern designs have made their way into almost all aspects of our lives and for good reason. Their defining clean lines, neutral colours and open-concept floor plan are revered by people across the world. Yet modern designs are often connoted as being bland. To supplement this issue, designers often blend in contemporary designs to make them aesthetically appealing for all. And such is the case for modern kitchens, where the two design styles concoct highly functional and beautiful kitchens. So, whether you’re planning to remodel your kitchen or just looking for inspiration, this blog will walk you through the best modern kitchen design trends to help you make your kitchen more functional.

Introduce Grainy Wood Finish – #1 Kitchen Design Trend

Kitchen design trends

Wood is nowhere near a revolutionary material to be used in a modern kitchen, but they are often covered up with laminates. And because of this, people often miss out on naturally occurring wood grain patterns. It gives the space a natural, earthy and grounded vibe, not to mention the unique and distinctive look that comes along with the wood grain. While this can be limited to just the cabinets and drawers, you can improvise on this idea and add it to other aspects of the kitchen.

Golden Kitchen – #2 Kitchen Design Trend

While gold can be overwhelming for some people, it can do wonders for the décor when done right. Even though it doesn’t really add anything to the functionality of the space, gold can be the holy grail for endless elegance. Pair that with a white backdrop, and you have yourself a truly luxurious kitchen. In this design, the home is almost entirely covered in a white-neutral hue and features an open floor plan. So, the contrasting gold kitchen disrupts the consistency and creates interest instantly.

Modern Kitchen Design Trends

Multifunctional Kitchen Island – #3 Kitchen Design Trend

Kitchen Design modern

Space is often an issue faced by people living in apartments. Saving every little inch of space possible is at the top of everyone’s list. In such cases, this multi-functional kitchen island can do both, save you a ton of space and make your life a lot easier. If you look at it from the functionality perspective, it makes accessibility so much easier. It also reduces travel time from the kitchen to the dining table.

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Open Shelves – #4 Kitchen Design Trend

Though shelves can be found in some modern kitchens, they are rapidly disappearing behind cabinet doors. This might be because of a lack of creativity in the design or because designers avoid taking risks. Nevertheless, shelves have long been a highly useful aspect of the kitchen that needs to be brought back.

Skylight – #5 Kitchen Design Trend

Skylights have become a rare feature found only in a handful of homes nowadays. But that does not signify their beauty or importance in a home’s interior design. While they are quite popular in commercial spaces, they are equally rare in homes. This can be either because of ignorance or a lack of creativity. More importantly, skylights in a kitchen can introduce natural light into the space. It also makes the space feel much more spacious.

Colour Pop With Acrylic Finish – #6 Kitchen Design Trend

The best part about popping colours is that they can effortlessly create interest in a space. It can also make the space feel much more lively. And the same is being used by designers to create the most stylish kitchen designs in modern homes. In addition to colours, an acrylic finish will add a layer of gloss. It makes the colours look even more vibrant. Not to mention, an acrylic finish is much easier to clean and maintain.

colorful  kitchen design

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Pendant Lights – #7 Kitchen Design Trend

Pendant lights are more than just functional lighting; they also add visual interest to any space. These lights can be found in a plethora of colours, designs and sizes. So you don’t have to worry about finding the perfect match for your kitchen. For instance, the lights in the image showcase how the wooden them of the counters are in perfect tandem with light itself.

Hygge Bar Stools – #8 Kitchen Design Trend

To put it simply, you don’t need a chair to sit down, but if you can get one, why not? Similarly, you don’t need a bar stool if you don’t have a bar, but if you can get one, why not? These stools are often arranged near the kitchen island, turning it into a dining table or additional seating area. This will work even better if you wish to improve the flow of communication from the kitchen. And you can’t overlook the fact that it makes your kitchen look so much cooler.

Modern Kitchen Design Trends

Texture Blend – #9 Kitchen Design Trend

Trendy  kitchen design

Textures play a key role in making something look immersive and distinctive. And when a variety of textures are blended in with each other in a space, it can make the space look versatile. You can even go as far as to play around with the materials used in the space. For instance, stone, wood and metals can be used for various elements in the kitchen.

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Fun Flooring – #10 Kitchen Design Trend

People are often too busy sorting through designs for all the different elements in a kitchen and forget about the very floor supporting their entire kitchen. While you can be constricted by the design of the kitchen, the floor can give you the freedom to add your own flair to the space. For example, the kitchen floor in the image perfectly shows you can add vibrancy to the area even with plain white walls.

Modern kitchen Design trends

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To sum up – Kitchen design trends may come and go, but there is no supplementation for good designs. So, we have picked out modern kitchen design trends that will turn your kitchen beautiful and functional. Hopefully, this blog helped transform your kitchen and if you need any further help, book a design consultation today!