Trust us with the safety of your home.

Curating and creating your home in safety.
Find out how Aertsen does it right.

Designing safe and happy homes.

We understand that the meaning of safety has changed this year, but Aertsen is taking every possible measure to maintain it. Our dedicated team, your home and you are our priority. From large scale measures like sanitisation of our experience centres, warehouse and factories to small but equally important measures like temperature checks, gloves and masks. Strict safety precautions are being taken to adapt to this new lifestyle.


Is it safe to do my home interiors now?

Yes, it is. Safety is one of our current priorities. From temperature checks to sanitization, every design meeting at our experience centre and onsite installation is safe. Our strict policies are set to deliver your home with safety. You can start today with an online consultation or book an appointment to meet our team at one of our experience centres.

Can I arrange a meeting with my interior designer?

Certainly. To adhere to safety we have set two different ways you can see your designer.
Contactless and face to face safe design meetings at our Experience Centres or online consultations from the comfort of your home.
Please note: If your site happens to fall in a Red or Containment Zone, we can only arrange an online consultation with your designer.

Can I arrange a meeting at my home?

Sorry, no. We recommend arranging a meeting at our experience centres. We have taken every possible safety precaution to make it a safe experience for you. We can also arrange an online consultation with our team.

How can I select design materials?

During the initial design phase, we share photos of the materials via our online system. But to finalise everything you must visit your nearest Aertsen Experience Centre. We assure you that every necessary safety protocol has been maintained for your safety.
Please note: We will only be able to attend to visitors from green or orange zones and who follow the needed safety protocols.

How will my site be measured?

In the case where you do not have a floor plan, we will assign one of our onsite personnel to make a visit and attend to this need. We will be adhering to strict safety protocols from our end.

What will be the timelines for my project completion?

Since the lockdown relaxation, things are slowly moving back to normal. We are doing everything we can to stick to our promised timeline and deliver you the home you envisioned in the safest way possible. We will be updating you at each milestone.

Would I be able to reach out to my designers for any queries?

Definitely. The dedicated Aertsen team is ready to serve you. Feel free to contact us with any queries.

Can I visit the Aertsen Experience Centre during the lockdown restrictions?

Certainly. Aertsen has taken every needed measure to ensure a safe experience for you. From temperature checks to sanitisations and protocols like masks and gloves has helped us keep a safe experience centre for you. Book an appointment and visit today.