• 19 May, 2021
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11 Amazing Home Interior Design Styles


1. Vintage classic

People these days are going for vintage looks with rustic colours and furniture with an antique look. With evolving home interior designs, it might be tough to keep up with the trends. So our team at Aertsen provides you a combination of vintage look with modern-day comfort to make your home’s interior look with an aesthetically pleasing yet practical decor solution.

Vintage classic home interior designs


2. Countryside look

With a lot of people spending more time at home in the past one year, everyone is missing the countryside. So there is a growing desire among people to bring the country home. With warm colour palette, elegant embroidery in curtains and other fabric and subtle prints, this home interior design is now trending among people.

Countryside look home interior designs


3. The Beach Vibe

Not only the country, people have also been unable to visit beaches and enjoy the nice blue sea. But now with tropical home interior designs, it is possible to enjoy the beach vibes being at home. Our team at Aertsen combines contemporary designs with floral patterns, shades of blue and other bright tropical trends.

Beach Vibe home interior designs


4. Earthy shades

Home interior design enthusiasts these days are opting for natural and earthy colours which give a warm and welcoming vibe. Complete with warm browns, vintage rusts, earthy greens and welcoming red shades, this is surely a refreshing look for your home.

Earthy shades home interior designs


5. Warm tones

Starting from fashion to home interior designs, there is a growing use of warm tones in the silhouettes. Oranges, blues and yellows provide a cosy and homely vibe in your interior design. It also goes well with dark tones giving you ample opportunity to experiment with your design looks.

Warm tones home interior designs


6. The western look

The world has become a global village. With this home interior designs have also started incorporating western ideas and styles. Our team at Aertsen brings to you trendy designs from all over the world to make your interior look global and classy at affordable rates.

western look home interior designs


7. Traditional contemporary

History has always intrigued people. Now this inspiration is also reflected in many people’s home interior designs. Aertsen’s team can help you create this traditional look with furnishing, paints and other decor that gives you the classic look you are seeking.

Traditional contemporary home interior designs


8. Trendy Chic

This is a trend which has always been in style. It combines luxury with glamour to give you a clean, chic look. Characterized with fancy accessories like mirrors and chandeliers, this trend also incorporates imperfections like fading of fabrics and chipped pain on walls which adds to the beauty of the look.

Trendy Chic home interior designs


9. The Eco Retreat

Nature need not only be outdoor. Now with home interior designs, you can use colors and styles to bring this look indoors. It uses earthy tones, textured fabric and calming designs to bring you the feel of nature staying indoors.

Eco Retreat home interior designs


10. Work-from-home

Pandemic has brought with it a renewed work culture. People are no more going to offices. You can trust Aertsen to add this official touch to your home interior design with desks, books display and a nook complete with your official needs.

Work from home home interior designs


11. Minimalism

Less is more. This is the philosophy which people choose to follow in their home interior designs these days. So with minimum decor and furnishing you can make your space look clean yet classy.

Minimalist home interior designs



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